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With a commitment to providing top-notch legal services and unparalleled client support, Michael J. Leventhal is a go-to attorney for individuals and businesses alike.

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Michael J. Leventhal is a seasoned attorney with over 30 years of experience in the legal field. He has dedicated his career to helping clients navigate complex legal issues and achieve successful outcomes. Known for his exceptional legal expertise and personalized approach, Michael has built a reputation as a trusted advisor and advocate for his clients. He specializes in litigation, real estate closings, and property disputes, and has successfully represented clients in a wide range of legal matters.


Michael J. Leventhal helps clients anticipate and resolve disputes arising from business and financial relationships. He has broad experience in virtually all issues that arise in business transactions.

Real Estate Closings

In today’s fast-paced and changing real estate market, concluding transactions can be very stressful. Michael J. Leventhal can help you whether you’re buying or selling your home or property.

Property Disputes

Seek legal counsel from a property attorney with extensive experience in border dispute litigation and enforcement of landowner rights to help you sort out your boundary dispute issues in a timely and competent manner.


The relationship between a tenant and the landlord is a complicated one. While most landlords rent to tenants without issue, conflicts can easily erupt into overwhelming legal problems.

Family Matters

We practice in various areas of law affecting couples and families. We have personal experience with divorce and other family law issues, and know how important these matters are to our clients and their families.


Attorney Michael J. Leventhal handles all commercial collection matters and is willing to discuss appropriate representation terms with prospective clients. Contact us today for more information.

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