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Property Disputes

Real Property ownership can be fraught with claims by neighbors to your land by way of adverse possession. Disputes can also arise between neighbors’ owners as to the terms and conditions of a recorded easement, which may be contained in the deed or detailed in a separate recorded instrument. Confusion and disagreement over such property disputes are common and they can result in litigation between neighbors.

Seek legal counsel from an experienced real property attorney like Michael J. Leventhal to help you sort out your boundary dispute issues in a timely and competent manner. Visit us today!

We Ensure You Get a Fair Deal for Your Property Dispute Cases

In Connecticut, there are many rural communities, and border disputes between competing landowners and neighbors are relatively common. These disputes often involve land easements and cases involving easements are often more complex and drawn out than one might expect. Whether you have an easement running through your property or you have the rights to an easement on someone else’s property, you need to make sure that your easement rights are protected in your deed or chain of title (sequence of historical transfers of a property’s title).

Michael J. Leventhal has extensive experience in border dispute litigation and enforcement of landowner rights. He networks with some of the top surveyors and experts in the area to analyze the maps and chain of title so that we can properly establish landowner rights. He understands the ins and outs of real estate law and property disputes, and we are committed to enforcing your rights, regardless of whether your dispute is with a neighbor or an oil company.

If not handled properly, real estate disputes can be among the most lengthy and costly types of litigation. Whether the disputed property is residential or commercial, chances are you are losing money and have been forced to put some part of your business or personal life on hold until the dispute is resolved.

Michael J. Leventhal Attorney At Law knows that a real estate dispute can disrupt an otherwise successful business venture. A lease dispute can leave you without a place to do business or a place to live. Regardless of the type of real estate dispute you are caught in, you need an experienced real estate attorney who will act quickly and aggressively on your behalf – an attorney like Michael J. Leventhal.

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Standing By Your Side During Your Divorce &

Family Matters

Michael J. Leventhal practices in various areas of law affecting couples and families. Moreover, he has personal experience with divorce and other family law issues. He knows how important these matters are to his clients and their families.

Hence, he makes these commitments to his clients from the beginning of each case so you can be assured that your family law case is as important to him as it is to you. He offers a free initial telephone consultation, where he will take the time to answer your questions and give you the advice you need to decide how to move forward in your family law matter. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

An Array of Divorce & Family Law Services

Michael J. Leventhal Attorney At Law is dedicated to assisting you with whatever dispute resolution process is best for you and your family. He has unrelenting advocates for his clients in court proceedings, but he also believes strongly in the benefits of non-adversarial processes when both parties are open to avoiding litigation.
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Michael J. Leventhal handles copyright infringement lawsuits especially for architectural work copyright claims where architects have had their work and designs stolen by builders and businesses.

Through the Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act (AWCPA), an architect whose work was stolen by a builder can seek damages for infringing structures. Michael J. Leventhal handles Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act Claims for architects who have had their work stolen by builders.

If you are an architect who has discovered infringement of your architectural designs and are interested in filing a copyright infringement claim to seek damages for theft of your design, you have come to the right place.

Count On Our Years of Experience

The copyrighted person has several exclusive rights to the copyrighted work, including the exclusive right to prepare derivative work from the original, the right to make or distribute copies, and the right to publish the work. A violation of the copyright owner’s exclusive rights constitutes an infringement entitling the owner to injunctive relief to stop the infringement and to monetary damages.

Under the Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act (AWCPA), a design professional may, therefore, invoke copyright remedies not only for copycat building practices but also for other unauthorized uses of the protected design.

The Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act (AWCPA) only protects “architectural work” created on or after December 1, 1990, and some earlier designs as long as they were unconstructed and unpublished as of that date. In determining when a design was created remember that a drawing can be created gradually, as each part is committed to paper.

The Architectural Works Copyright Act defines “architectural work” as the design of a building as embodied in any tangible medium of expression, including a building, architectural plans, or drawings. The work includes the overall form, as well as the arrangement and composition of spaces and elements in the design, but does not include individual standard features.

The Act covers a variety of “buildings” designed to be occupied by humans such as houses, churches, museums, office buildings, apartments, and condos. Structures other than buildings that are major civil engineering structures such as bridges, cloverleaf highway interchanges, dams, walkways, tents, recreational vehicles, mobile homes, and boats are not protected under this act.

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Attorney Michael Leventhal handles all commercial collection matters and is willing to discuss appropriate representation terms with prospective clients.

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Let Us Handle Your Legal Issues


The relationship between a tenant and the landlord is a complicated one. While most landlords rent to tenants without issue, conflicts can easily erupt into overwhelming legal problems.

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, it is important to retain the legal services of an effective attorney when legal action looms in order to protect yourself and your rights. Michael J. Leventhal has represented both landlords and tenants who face legal issues. If you need a firm with significant experience in this field, contact Michael J. Leventhal Attorney At Law for a consultation.

An Array of Landlord-Tenant Law Services

Connecticut is proactive in protecting tenants’ rights. When matters escalate, landlords must be diligent and follow all required steps. If a landlord was to make a mistake, their ability to take legal action, including their ability to evict a tenant or collect unpaid rent, may be in danger. It is important to consult with an attorney when legal issues are a reality.

When trouble rears its ugly head with your landlord, you have rights under CT law. It is very important to consult with an attorney who can ease your stress and guide you through tough times, representing your legal needs and future. When facing such a serious matter as eviction, time is of the essence. If your landlord is trying to evict you without just cause, our firm can protect your rights.

Even if your landlord is taking legal action against you and eviction is right around the corner, you still have rights. Falling behind on the rent is a violation of your lease, but your landlord cannot cut utilities, harass you, or simply change the locks and kick you out. Before you get entangled in a legal mess, contact our firm to discuss your next steps.

CT landlord-tenant laws protect all parties involved when renting a residence or commercial property. Written communication is the most consistent problem between landlords and tenants. You must document everything in writing to protect yourself from the other party. In court cases, a lack of documentation will often end a matter prematurely.

CT courts are particular about what they require for notices. You can spend a lot of time in court only to have the case dismissed because the notices were not properly filed or filled out.

In Connecticut, circumstances dictate how long it will take to evict a tenant. For example, owed rent requires the five-day notice and the subsequent complaint filed with the court. The court will determine whether or not you can have possession of the property and get the tenant out.

If you are granted possession of the property and they won’t vacate, you must request that the authorities post a notification stating that the tenant has 24 hours to vacate the property. The authorities will come to physically remove them if they are still present.

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Our Services For

Real Estate

Sell, buy, refinance, build, convert, upgrade, combine, split, owner, tenant, inside price, seller’s concession, no money down, 80/20, 80/15/5, PMI, condo fees, coop fees, title work, appraisals, inspections, rates going up, rate lock, extensions, use and occupancy, closing date extended, must close in 10 days, seller’s agent, buyer’s agent, credit, assessments, parking deeded, parking licensed, common element parking, SUV can’t fit in space, handicapped parking, roof decks, patios, and more.

Simplify The real Estate Closing Process

In today’s fast-paced and changing real estate market, concluding transactions can be very stressful. Michael J. Leventhal can help you whether you’re buying or selling your home, be it a condominium, house, or coop, or buying and selling investment properties such as condo conversion, multi-family for long-term investment, commercial condos, or vacant land or properties sold with zoning approval.

Unfortunately, many people don’t take the precautions necessary to ensure that their title, zoning, and land use documents are legally valid. Retaining trusted and experienced legal representation, when you are about to close on a real estate purchase or sale, is just a phone call or e-mail away.

Michael J. Leventhal works hard to achieve smooth, efficient, and stress-free real estate closings. Whether you’re the buyer or seller, we are involved in every step of the legal process. From reviewing the contract to the day of your closing, and every step of the process along the way, we ensure that the client’s rights are protected and that the closing goes smoothly.

In matters of commercial real estate, we put our experience to work for our clients. At the law office of Michael J. Leventhal Attorney At Law, he understands the commercial and residential real estate markets in CT and works hard to facilitate successful and profitable real estate transactions. When problems do occur, he uses his extensive experience in commercial and residential real estate to find solutions that protect the rights and interests of his clients.

Whether you are considering closing on residential or commercial real estate, call Michael J. Leventhal to schedule a consultation about how his legal representation can serve you well.

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Make Sure Your Business Is In Good Hands

Business Law

There are countless complicated legal issues to be managed in the purchase or sale of a business.

Before committing to purchasing a business, it is important to conduct the appropriate level of due diligence. Michael J. Leventhal works closely with clients throughout this process, acquiring and analyzing information and providing counsel on key areas of concern.

The purchase of a business involves consideration of issues like price, terms, and financing for the purchase. Michael J. Leventhal’s long-term experience in this area is an asset to clients in negotiating and drafting these terms.

He has the knowledge and insight to counsel clients on how the best structure transactions for tax purposes. He also draws on his full-service real estate experience to assist business clients with issues regarding the acquisition, leasing, and disposition of real property.

Explore the Ways We Can Help You

The sale of an ongoing business will entail questions about terms, conditions, and methods of sale. For example, the sale transaction may be structured as the sale of interests in the business (as shares of stock of a corporation or membership interests of a limited liability company), or the sale of the assets of the business. The sale of a small business may require the seller to decide if it will provide financing to purchase or require that the purchase price be fully paid at closing.

Michael J. Leventhal regularly assists clients with strategies regarding structuring the purchase or sale, considering the tax consequences of the structure, negotiating the transaction, drafting documents, and closing the transaction. Call or email him today to put him to work for your business.

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An Experienced Trial Lawyer to Work For You


Michael J. Leventhal helps clients anticipate and resolve disputes arising from business and financial relationships.

He has broad experience in virtually all issues that arise in business transactions, including commercial sales of goods, sales of businesses, issues regarding breach of warranty, secured personal and real property transactions, personal and real property leases, construction disputes, commercial banking, and financial matters, and unfair competition. Visit us now!

Some of the Services

Services for Business Creditors

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We Offer Fair Solutions To All Your Cases

Criminal Law

Talk to Michael J. Leventhal’s clients. They will tell you that he gave them the skilled defense they needed and something more. He puts them first.

He cares about you, and he cares about the effect your case has on your family and your life. So he listens closely to your needs, returns your phone calls promptly, and provides you with a free initial consultation.

Whether it is in court or behind the scenes with judges, prosecutors, and police, Michael J. Leventhal uses experience and persistence to fight hard for you.

You may have been charged with a crime, but that does not mean you are guilty. He understands the difference. He will be on your side.

Some of his cases included: Speeding tickets, domestic violence and assault, drug charges, marijuana charges, firearms and weapons, sex crimes, kidnapping, theft, fraud, arson, etc. Get in touch with Michael J. Leventhal Attorney At Law today!

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Find Debt Relief & Prevent

Foreclosure Defense

When defending a mortgage foreclosure, Michael J. Leventhal does not simply defend a lawsuit, he defends the American dream, a home of your own. The mortgage foreclosure process is a complex one and many different options and legal strategies exist for the benefit of the homeowner.

Michael J. Leventhal prides himself on the ability to keep his clients in their homes for a long, long time. There are several tools that he uses to help homeowners. Below are some of the concerns potential clients may have and some of the methods used by our lawyers to help homeowners in danger of losing their residences.

At the law office of Michael J. Leventhal, he realizes that it was not your intention to fall behind on your mortgage. He also realizes that the monthly mortgage payment is one of your highest priorities.

For a variety of reasons; illness, decreased earnings, unemployment, insurance increases, unforeseen repairs, and/or uncontrollable, e credit card debt, good people like you can quickly become seriously delinquent on monthly mortgage payments. Michael J. Leventhal has assisted thousands of homeowners to stop mortgage foreclosure and establish long-term solutions for home retention. Visit us today!

Debt Relief & Foreclosure All At Once

A mortgage modification is requested by a mortgagor or borrower usually once they have fallen behind on mortgage payments or are in danger of mortgage foreclosure proceedings. A successful modification generally takes 3-8 months to complete. A mortgage modification may include placing mortgage arrears, interest, delinquent taxes, and/or insurance in the principal balance.

Further, a mortgage modification may reduce the interest rate on the subject loan. Although a mortgage modification can lead to reduced monthly mortgage expenses, generally it results in a lengthened mortgage repayment term. Michael J. Leventhal has handled mortgage modifications for both residential and investment properties. Lastly, mortgage modifications are often granted during Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Proceedings.

Before a mortgage foreclosure takes place, the mortgagee may be amenable to postponing a sale based on the reinstatement amount being repaid over a short period. The pre-foreclosure forbearance plan repayment is different than a modification in that it does not alter the overall terms of the loan. A pre-foreclosure forbearance plan is usually extended up to 6 months and requires that regular monthly mortgage payments plus the amount needed to cure all arrearages be paid within the time agreed upon.